Ciamar a roghnaicheas tu an giùlan ceart?

Hanson Han

Post air Iuchar 20 2018

First of all, we must be clear about the speed of use, the time of an operation when grafting. Mainly 2-3 seconds, or 3-4 seconds. The speed requirement for the user is a hard standard. Also a brand is not important. A good glue is good for you, but you should choose imported glue as much as possible.

Second,The glue moisture is quick-drying and slow-drying. The quick-drying has a stimulating taste (some sensitive customers, occasionally there will be tears, it is normal, no need to worry too much). Slow dry glue is not suitable for use in the store. It can be used as an exercise or as a grafting under eyelash. Slow-drying glue is generally non-irritating but has a short duration.

About the use of glue: When using glue, be sure to shake the glue in advance, why? Because the glue consists of water, protein and vegetable gum, there is a layering phenomenon, so be sure to shake the glue well to make the glue even, so that the glue can play a good role.

Glue preservation problem: When using it normally, after using it, wipe the bottle mouth clean and cover immediately to avoid oxidation of the glue. In low seasons, it can be stored at room temperature or placed in a sealed container filled with rice. The rice is cool and can keep the storage environment at a constant temperature. In the hot weather in the summer, you can put it in the refrigerator. But the temperature should not be too low. After taking it out of the refrigerator, it should be used at room temperature for a while before use. Do not use it immediately.

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